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Accessible tourism produces an increase of up to 30% of end-users for the companies that use it as a business strategy. If that were not enough, add an average ROI of between 1 and 3 years, an improvement of the image of your brand, the opportunity to take advantage of tax breaks thanks to social commitment and the ethical value of the investment.

If your company’s business is travel, culture and holidays, we at Global Accessibility can help you get into the accessible tourism market delivering Hi-Tech solutions which are tested and calibrated on each customer to give everyone the perfect solution for their specific needs.

We at Global Accessibility act in two directions:

  1. We create complete tailor-made tourist packages for each type of disability and special need. Its routes are checked and tested so as to present high levels of accessibility: every single item is especially designed to encourage your clients’ experience in total independence and in carefree environment.
  2. We simplify the vacation, trips or sightseeing tours of your customers with the use of advanced and tailored technological solutions for each individual end-user!


Sports and arts in general have always been a vehicle of integration and social inclusion, but also a reason for research and development not only internally.

Promoting the development of sports, for athletes, professional and amateurs, results in the increase of physical performance.
Design, development, testing, and research of innovative solutions increase the possibilities of transposing into the world, non-sports elements that could facilitate the daily lives of all people with special needs.

Do not miss the opportunity to increase the number of your clients or develop innovative solutions from an ethical, social, and (why not?) financial point of view: we of Global Accessibility have the right solutions to make structures, expos, sports and cultural centers accessible.

We can design and produce the structural adjustments needed to make your barrier-free and avant-garde structure in the field of accessibility and inclusion, testing the actual accessibility through dedicated site inspections and targeted testing.
In addition, we develop programs for sports clubs or competitive and non-competitive athletes: the goal is to improve sports performance or promote recovery and optimal use of physical functions aimed at rehabilitation, adaptation and integration of the individual in his/her personal, domestic and social environment.

Finally, a specialized branch of our activity is dedicated to a small field of competitive sports: in synergy with the athletes, we carry out direct coaching or analyze, study, implement and adapt sports aids. Both types of programs are aimed at increasing the performance in the race and to enhance research and development in sports as well as for social purposes.


Adapt or produce tools, softwares, home automation, barrier-free and accessible environments for everyone, makes it possible to increase the market for our B2B partners as much as 30%.

The products, after the intervention of our engineers and occupational therapists, are more easily accessible by end-users who will enjoy your brand experience.

The adaptations to the working environments as well as a concept of social inclusion, allow an increase in the operating capacity and productivity of each employee and, consequently, that of the companies.

What can we do for your business? structural and design adaptations.
Reprogramming of software and sites to make them accessible to disabled workers or customers. Design and produce innovative technological solutions with a focus on medical, therapeutic and home automation. Adapt your individual products to principles of Universal Design.

The research, development and innovative solutions that we can offer will trace the way to new opportunities in expansion of your marketable offer and make your products accessible and unique.


We want to make the lives of people with special needs and their families easier and smoother.

Therefore, we’ve decided to dedicate a specific area of our company to the adaptation of homes or private properties, so to create an environment suitable to the needs of each client. The goal is to reduce the incidence of problems and everyday issues that can affect massively on waste of time and on the health of our customers.

Global Accessibility aims to adjust the environment of each customer’s daily life and to produce and / or design customized products for the household or “house related”.

We want to achieve this objective by addressing companies also.
Trust our experts and your brand will succeed in creating products which are closer to the needs of your customers: we will provide technical support or advice, courses and meetings to help develop innovative and functional products in universal design or human-centered design.

Our Services | Here's What We Do Better Il turismo accessibile produce un aumento fino al 30% di end-users per le aziende che lo adottano come strategia

Our number one product
G.A.P. (Global Accessibility Project)

“G.A.P.“ is the innovative digital content, created by Global Accessibility Sagl, that guarantees access to people with special needs to cultural, touristic, artistic and/or sports places, in total or partial autonomy.


Any G.A.P. can interact with the degree of disability of every single end user, giving certain and verified information that guarantee
the best accessibility options and experience of the venues. The accessible technology, based on a seamless interface, makes every G.A.P.
the ideal intermediary between the client company’s needs and the needs of end-users.
In-depth analysis, updates and highly qualified personnel make G.A.P. high quality products, reliable and concrete in its content
and able to adapt to the specific needs of each individual end-user and to the business needs of client companies.


“GAP: soluzioni su misura per ogni esigenza.”

An example of  G.A.P. production

Project Analysis

Hypothesis and study of an accessible tourist route starting from the specific physical and physiological needs of the target customers.

Preliminary Test

Test and analysis of the critical nodes of the designed route, with accessibility audit of points of interest and search for solutions for the creation of a fun, simple and usable offer for end-users.

Planning of the multimedia content and its embedding in the app

The previously collected data is analyzed, organized and loaded in the app Bfree. The app, thanks to its accessible technology and its profiling functionality, is of easy usage for end-users.


Periodic checks and monitoring of selected routes and points of interest with app updates to provide an up to date and reliable product for all end-users.